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Welcome to my Portfolio Hub

Not much to see here… yet, but take a look:

About me: AE by education, developer by passion.

BetterTempTool - A ReactJS tool for medical marijuana patients to optimize their vaporizer use (Currently integrating Redux into it)

BetterTempTool-Redux Rewrite - BetterTempTool rewritten with Redux for added functionality & expandability. The big new feature is the ability to change the strain being analyzed, a more streamlined file structure, and a data structure to that makes adding different strains way easier.

Project Strauch - Source code only - Annotated Django & React tutorials to make them comprehensible from the source code

Blockchain Lightbulb - Source code only - A simple React application running on an Ethereum blockchain (powered by ganache) using the Truffle JS library. It updates the ledger every time a button is clicked. Simple functionality.

Unity Game collection - A collection of games I built from Illinois’ CS 199-GAM class

Roll A Ball

Roll A Ball V2 - way harder to build

Space Shooter - surprisingly easier than Roll A Ball V2

Tanks - Harder than Space Shooter but still easier than Roll A Ball V2